Frequently Asked Questions

About our church

What is the Lutheran Church?

The Lutheran Church is a Protestant Christian church that has its roots in the Lutheran Reformation that took place under Martin Luther (1483-1546).

What is the difference between the Lutheran Church and Roman Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church has these sources of doctrine: the Bible, the decrees of church councils, and the official statements of the Pope.  The Lutheran Church has only one source of doctrine, the Bible.  The Lutheran Church has as a slogan “by scripture alone.”

What does Aganai (Redemption) mean?

Redemption means“buying back.”The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ bought all people back to God by offering Himself for their sins on the cross.

About our worship services

Can non-Christians attend?

Yes, our worship services are open to guests and visitors, including non-Christians.  We are very happy to welcome first-time visitors.

How long is a worship service?

The typical worship service is about an hour long, at most an hour and fifteen minutes.

What happens at the worship services?

In our worship services we sing Christian hymns, hear Bible readings, listen to a sermon prepared by our pastor (about 20 minutes), and offer prayers to God.

What kind of clothes should I wear to a worship service?

While some people do dress up for worship, most people wear casual clothes.  Come as you are!

Is there anything else I should bring?

There is no need to bring anything.  Everything needed for worship—hymnal, liturgy book, Bible, bulletin, printed sermon, etc.—are provided as you enter.

Is there an offering?

There is a freewill offering in the worship service, but there is no obligation to participate.  Through their offerings, the members of the church support pastors and gospel ministry in the Lutheran Evangelical Christian Church.

Are children welcome at worship?

Yes, we are happy when children join us in worship.

What programs are offered for children?

We have a Sunday School program, which teaches Bible stories to children before Sunday worship.  Sunday School is held in the church basement, and instruction is given at different age levels.

Is the worship facility handicapped accessible?

Unfortunately, our current facilities are not handicapped accessible.  Our members will do all we can to help a handicapped person navigate the steps at the entrance.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have plenty of room for cars in our parking lot.


Can I have my wedding at your church?

At our church weddings are for members; it is not our practice to provide weddings for income.  However, we do offer Christian weddings for couples who have studied with us what the Bible teaches about faith and life.  To give couples a strong foundation for marriage, we also offer pre-marriage counseling.

Can people request to have funerals at your church?

Funerals at our church are for members and for people who were under the spiritual care of our pastors when they were alive.

Is the pastor willing to talk to me about a problem I have?

Our pastors do Christian counseling.  They will gladly listen to you, give you advice from  God’s Word, and pray for you.

How does someone become a Christian?

If an adult who is studying the Bible’s teachings and learning about Jesus confesses faith in Jesus, they can request baptism.  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.  As people study the Bible with us, we do not put pressure on them to confess faith and be baptized.  Some people study for many years before asking to be baptized.

I am not committed to becoming a Christian, but I want to learn about the Bible…

Yes, you are welcome to study the Bible with us.  We offer many different Bible classes on weekends and throughout the week.  Our pastors have been trained to proclaim God’s Word faithfully, in a way that is easy to understand. We also offer correspondence Bible courses.  If you are interested, please let us know.

Still have questions?

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Contact us by phone at (phone number) or email (email address).