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new_airplane 470x280Theme: God Has Opened Our Eyes to See!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Before this trip I had never flown business class, but when I got to the check in counter at the airport in Yogyakarta, I was told that I would be flying business class to Jakarta and then from Jakarta to Hong Kong (free, random upgrade).

On the flight from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, I was the only passenger in business class.  There were two cabin attendants who kept offering me food and drink. The seats were bigger and the food was much better than economy class food. As I sat there I wondered, “Why did this happen? Who decided to give this to me? Why wasn’t someone else chosen?”

Today, God tells us about people who lived almost two thousand years ago. Many of the people did not know who Jesus was, but the disciples did.  They could say with confidence, “You are the Christ of God.”  God had opened the eyes of their hearts to they could see the glory of the Savior.  Why did God choose them?  Why did God choose us?  The best answer is this:  God chose us because of His grace.  He opened the eyes of our heart so that we know who Christ is.  Let’s enjoy that gracious gift.  First of all, let’s enjoy it by keeping our eyes on His cross.  Secondly, let’s enjoy it by taking up our cross and following him. Read more.

(This is taken from June 19,2016 sermon.)

Bradley Wordell

Asia Lutheran Seminary Professor/Former missionary

Theme: Jesus calls us brothers and sisters.

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,

My family and I live close to Milwaukee, but our minds are often on Japan. What a blessing it was to live and serve among you! A couple weeks ago, there was a news story that made a connection between Milwaukee and Japan. A new combat ship called the USS Milwaukee was commissioned and was going to be sent for service in Japan. But on the way, it lost all its power and had to be towed to shore in Virginia. The ship will need to be repaired and sent later. This story is a reminder to us that we cannot put our hope or our trust in mankind. Especially in our battle against sin, death, and the devil, there is nothing people can do to help us.

But, thank God! God in heaven has sent Someone to help us! The Son of God, who took on human flesh, has all power and authority. He is happy to call us his brothers and sisters. He can do that because He became one of us and because He saved us. Read more.

(This is taken from December 27,2015 sermon.)

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